About the project…

I have always been fascinated with sound. Much of my journey as a musician and composer has been driven by a love of and search for novel textures, ambiences, and soundscapes. This led me to electronic music fairly early on (I had various analog synthesizers as a teenager), and computer-driven digital manipulation a bit later when it was, err, invented. I’ve had some sort of digital music setup more or less ever since, and I’ve produced a fair amount of music with it – some electronic, some acoustic and much of it combining both of these rich sources of sonic goodness.

Along the way I’ve assembled a rather large collection of sounds – virtual synthesizers, samplers, effects and more esoteric ways of generating and manipulating sound. I have a more or less limitless palette of sounds available here in front of me. The aim of this project is to provide a framework in which I can use this amazing sonic diversity as a springboard for new creative work.

‘Sound Fascination’ is the name I’ve chosen for this little journal of sonic adventure. The pieces I’ll be posting here, as often as I can, are sketches. The basic ‘rules’ (perhaps it’s frienlier to call it a ‘prescription’) will be that I will start and finish each piece in one sitting, spending no more than an hour or so on each one, and that I will publish them immediately. There are no other rules.

The nature of experimentation and improvisation is that you don’t know what you’ll end up with. Some of these will doubtless be better than others, and I’m deliberately not presenting them as finished masterpieces. I’m just going to make stuff with sound, let that instinctive and intuitive fascination guide me through this sonic playground and see where it leads. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure!


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