Thoughtful Music for Troubled Times

I’ve had this in mind for a while now, and today – the first Earth Day in the time of he-who-shall-not-be-named (seriously, it’s a policy I just made up) – seemed like a good day to kick it off. Thoughtful Music for Troubled Times will be a semi-regular series of posts showcasing, well, pretty much just what it says on the tin. Some of my own, some from other artists. Share it along if it makes you think!

Sadly I don’t find a great deal to be hopeful about this Earth Day, so today’s tracks will not be super happy fun time… Also this inaugural selection is all tracks from my own catalogue. First up is Lament:

Second, from the same album, The Breath of Oceans: 

Finally, on a more positive note – and a longer journey, so be prepared… Sunlight, Reflected off of Water, onto Trees:

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