Sound Fascination Volume 1

cover vol1

08-Aug 03, 2011  

I’ve decided that 20 tracks is a nice round number for volume 1, so I’ve ‘closed’ it for the moment, which also means that it’s available for purchase! New pieces will go into a new set, the creatively titled ‘volume 2’. These things may get better names at some point.

You can preview the whole album in streaming quality with the player above, and also access the ‘Buy’ button… I’m using a name-your-price model, with a minimum of $8. This should be considered as a kind of pre-order of the finished album, which will involve some re-mixing, extending, editing and other modifications of these initial ‘sketches’.

I’ll send the finished product (as a download) to all customers when it’s done, but this will probably take me another couple of months (especially since I’m travelling just now). Doing it this way gives you the opportunity to support the process while getting something up-front for your money – downloads of these initial tracks, which are still pretty cool – as well as a bit of an insider’s look at the creative work behind the final product…

I may also decide to do a limited-edition physical package at a higher price-point; if you’re interested in this please drop me a line at

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